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Wywejus LLC operates the UnclaimedMoneyServices.com ("Web Site") in accordance with a contract with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) and the involvement of states, territories, and provinces ("Participants"). You (the "User") agree to these Terms of Service in effect at the time of each such access or use by accessing and using the Web Site, or otherwise availing yourself of the services and information offered via the Web Site. UnclaimedMoneyServices.com supplies a proprietary searchable database of unclaimed properties (the "National Database") at the request of NAUPA and with the cooperation of the relevant Participants. Wywejus LLC pays NAUPA a quarterly royalty for the exclusive use of its endorsement, name, and logo on the National Database. This Database, which incorporates unclaimed property information from the many Participants, is searchable by the general public at no cost. The "Services" refer to the different features and information that a User can access via the Web Site, such as devising and performing searches in connection to the National Database and/or other Web Site databases, and receiving information as a consequence of such searches.


Search Results Not to be Sold or Resold

This Web Site is solely for the general public, their authorized agents, Participants, and authorized Subscribers to use privately. This Web Site may not be used or accessed by anybody who intends to sell or resell data obtained from the National Database. By visiting the Web Site, you undertake not to exploit any aspect of the Web Site or the Services for the purpose of sale or resale, unless as specifically permitted above or in writing by Wywejus LLC in accordance with its agreements with NAUPA and the Participants.

Means Of Query Input

Searches of the National Database shall be carried out by a user's input of search information (the user's "Query") containing data to be compared against the contents of the database(s). The only permissible means of Query input is manual keyboard entry of the Query at the Web Site by the User, except for users who must employ some other form of data input due to a physical disability, and by Subscribers. In formulating Queries or otherwise carrying out searches on this Web Site, under no circumstances may any User utilize robots, spiders, bots, agents, or any other such software or application designed to perform multiple or repeated searches of the Web Site database(s) by circumventing the need for manual entry at the appropriate Web Site screen of the Query.


You may become a "Subscriber" only through registration with Wywejus LLC and upon execution of a Subscription Agreement made by and between you and Wywejus LLC. Subscribers may not sell or resell information acquired from the Web Site. Subscribers must warrant and represent that all Subscription information provided is true, complete, and accurate at the time provided, and that you will update the information from time to time as it may change.

Accessibility and Availability

Wywejus LLC offers no promises about the Web Site's or Services' availability. Furthermore, Wywejus LLC maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the Web Site or Services and/or amend the Web Site's contents or terms of service as it deems proper. You agree that Wywejus LLC will not be responsible to you if the Web Site or Services are discontinued or modified. Wywejus LLC has the right to terminate your access to the Web Site, the Services, and the Database at any time for any reason.

Advertisers Linking (To & From) Their Website

Wywejus LLC may provide via the Web Site, links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. Because Wywejus LLC has no control over the content of other websites, User acknowledges and agrees that Wywejus LLC is not responsible for and in no way guarantees or endorses: (1) the availability of other websites or resources; (2) the accuracy or completeness of any content available at or through the other websites. Accordingly, User acknowledges and agrees that Wywejus LLC shall not be responsible or liable in any way, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on the content of any other websites.

Links To UnclaimedMoneyServices.com From Other Sites

No User or other third-party is authorized to "deep link" to any web page contained in the Web Site unless Wywejus LLC has expressly authorized it in writing (i.e., no links are permitted under any circumstances from third-party web sites to UnclaimedMoneyServices.com web pages other than the UnclaimedMoneyServices.com home page). These kind of connections are explicitly forbidden. Furthermore, without the express written consent of Wywejus LLC, no User or third-party may link to the UnclaimedMoneyServices.com home page: (1) as part of or in relation to any commercial web site; and/or (2) in such a way as to create a reasonable possibility or likelihood of confusion among users of the third-party web site as to the true ownership or sponsorship of UnclaimedMoneyServices.com and/or as to the existence or lack thereof of some affiliation or other relationship between UnclaimedMoneyServices.com and the third-party web site.

Privacy Policy

The Web Site Privacy Policy governs the storage and use of all User-provided information by Wywejus LLC and is thus incorporated by reference as a component of this Agreement.

Prohibition Against Harmful Transmissions

You agree not to send any messages, programs, or other materials (including but not limited to Trojan Horses, viruses, worms, and the like) to the Web Site or to any other User that contain software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software or telecommunications equipment.

No Warranties

Neither Wywejus LLC nor any of its underlying service providers, information providers, licensees, employees, officers, directors, assignees, or agents, including but not limited to NAUPA and participants, (a) warrant that the web site-related services will be uninterrupted or error free or that the functions available on the web site will meet the requirements; or (b) guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on the web site or database. The services are distributed "as is," without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or noninfringement, all such warranties being expressly disclaimed. Neither Wywejus LLC nor any of its underlying service providers, information providers, licensees, employees, officers, directors, assignees, or agents, including but not limited to NAUPA and participants, shall have any liability for incidental, consequential, indirect or special damages suffered by you or any other party as a result of the operation or malfunction of the web site-related services, regardless of whether or not such parties have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Finally, in addition to the foregoing disclaimers, you acknowledge that the raw data that ultimately comprises the web site databases is gathered from participants and other third-parties and accordingly that neither Wywejus LLC nor NAUPA can be held liable to you or any other third-party in relation to errors or omissions appearing in the database contents.

Limitation Of Liability

Wywejus LLC, NAUPA, and participants are not responsible for unauthorized third-party (entities other than Wywejus LLC or its authorized service providers) access to, or alteration, theft, or destruction of, any information contained at the web site (including user data and subscription files and information) by accident or through fraudulent or wrongful means or devices. Wywejus LLC shall have no liability for consequential, exemplary, special, incidental, or punitive damages in connection with Wywejus LLC offerings under this agreement or in any way related to the web site, even if Wywejus LLC has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In any case, Wywejus LLC and/or NAUPA and/or participant's liability to you or any other user for any reason and on any cause of action is limited to and shall in no instance exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00). This restriction applies to all causes of action, including, but not limited to, breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability, misrepresentations, and other torts, in the aggregate.


You promise to indemnify, defend, and hold Wywejus LLC and NAUPA, as well as its directors, officers, employees, assignees, and agents, harmless from any claim, demand, cause of action, debt, or responsibility, and to defend any action made against them, including reasonable attorneys' fees. Fees, to the extent that the action is based on a claim that: if true, would constitute a breach of any of your representations, warranties, or agreements hereunder; and/or arises out of your negligence, willful misconduct, or other breach of this Agreement; and/or arises out of your posting or submission for posting on the Web Site of any content or information; and/or arises out of your use of the Web Site, the Services, or the Database; and/or arises out of You agree to fully participate in any defense of such a claim. Wywejus LLC retains the right to assume exclusive control of any such claim's defense.

Sever ability

If any of the words, phrases, sentences, clauses, sections, subdivisions, or subparagraphs contained in this Agreement are found to be invalid, this Agreement will be read as if the defective portion had not been introduced. If any invalid language is stricken under this paragraph, the stricken phrase must be broken down into the lowest unit practicable such that the severance results in a legitimate provision (i.e., a single item in a list will be severed rather than the entire list, a clause will be severed rather than the entire sentence, etc).

Entire Agreement

This Agreement sets forth and contains the entire agreement with regard to the matters set forth herein between you and Wywejus LLC. There are no promises, terms, conditions, or obligations other than those contained herein. This Agreement supersedes all previous communications, representations, or agreements, either verbal or written, between and among the parties.

Choice Of Law

This Agreement, as well as any disputes arising out of, pertaining to, or about the Agreement and/or the subject matter hereof, shall be construed and controlled by Virginia law. Acceptance Of Personal Jurisdiction And Venue Selection Any action at law, suit in equity, or other judicial procedure arising out of, pertaining to, or affecting in any way this Agreement or its subject matter must, if at all, be brought or initiated exclusively in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You recognize that the designated court has personal jurisdiction over you in any such action, and you waive and release any defense you may have to such assertion of jurisdiction now and forever.


The waiver by one party of the other party's violation of any term of this Agreement does not operate or be interpreted as a waiver of the other party's future breach of the same or any other provision. The failure of a party to enforce any provision of this agreement at any time does not affect that party's right to do so at a later time. Marks of Wywejus LLC Wywejus LLC owns the following trademarks and service marks, as well as additional Wywejus LLC logos, product and service names (collectively the "Wywejus LLC Marks"). Without Wywejus LLC's prior written consent, you undertake not to display or use the Wywejus LLC Marks in any way.


Please direct all inquiries and other communications relating to the Web Site and/or the Services to: support@UnclaimedMoneyServices.com.

Prohibited Conduct

It is explicitly prohibited to use this Web Site or the corresponding Services for any purpose other than the intended and allowed purposes set out below and in the text of the Web Site ("Authorized Uses"). Any use or access that is not an Authorized Use is a violation of state and federal civil and criminal laws that might lead to civil and/or criminal charges. Furthermore, without limiting other remedies, if you: (1) breach this Agreement; (2) provide incorrect member information; and/or (3) take actions that Wywejus LLC believes may result in legal liability for you, Wywejus LLC, NAUPA, any Participant, or other Web Site users, Wywejus LLC may immediately issue a warning and/or temporarily or indefinitely suspend or terminate your privilege to use and access the Web Site.

Right to Change Agreement

Wywejus LLC retains the right to modify or replace this Agreement at any time. Continued use of the Web Site following any such modification implies acceptance of the changed terms of the Commitment and agreement to be bound by them. The terms and conditions of this Agreement may only be changed by Wywejus LLC.


Wywejus LLC reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason whatsoever and to revoke your access to the Web Site, the Services and the Database without prior notice to you.

To Use As A Precondition

You are not permitted to access or use the website if you do not agree to the conditions stated above. You must instantly leave the website.
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